AmiCell® SMS Direct is a user-friendly and effective tool to instantly send SMS messages via the AmiCell® SMS Direct website.

AmiCell® SMS Direct is ideal for clients requiring the following:

Affordable desktop software to send SMS messages and to receive replies.
Access your AmiCell® SMS Direct account from any computer with access to the Internet.
Manage mulitple user logins.
Convenient, easy-to-use interface that caters to all your basic SMS requirements.


Bulk and Single SMS sending.
Recipients can reply to SMS messages.
SMS Scheduling for a future date and time.
A Keyword Manager to organise keyword responses (e.g. YES, RSVP, UPDATE, etc.)
Save pre-defined SMS messages as templates for easy access.
Full sending history, error and reply reports (exportable to spreadsheet with filters and sorting).
Flexible and maintainable Address Book.
Import contacts from a spreadsheet.
Automatic Ban-List control (reply STOP to opt out).
Multi-user access with customizable usage rights.
Manage Premium SMS campaigns.

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AmiCell® SMS Direct is designed to function on most industry standard web browsers on any desktop computer or laptop. To ensure full functionality these requirements must be met:

The minimum computer requirements for AmiCell® SMS Direct are:

Any Internet Browser (Internet Explorer 7 or higher when using Internet Explorer)
An SVGA Colour Monitor with 1024x768 Display Resolution with 24Bit RGB
Internet Access
JavaScript Enabled in Browser Settings

AmiCell® SMS Direct is developed and tested on the following operating system platforms:

Microsoft Windows 98, NT, 2000, XP, Vista, 7 (32 bit and 64 bit) , 8+ (32 bit and 64 bit)
Microsoft Windows 2000, 2003, 2008, 2012+ Server Families

NOTE A constant Internet connection is not required. The AmiCell® SMS Internet Client only connects to the Internet when prompted to send SMS messages or when retrieving replies and history.


Sign-Up Forms

Sign-Up forms are available in a printable version and an online version. Complete and send/submit to sign-up for world-class SMS technology.

AmiCell® SMS Direct Service Agreement[Online][PDF]

Quick Start Guides

Quick Start Guides are one-pager documents with step-by-step instructions for performing the most basic functions with AmiCell® SMS software.

AmiCell® SMS Direct Quick Start Guide[Download]


Includes features and pricing.

AmiCell® SMS Direct Brochure[Download]


Choose a payment option that suits your needs: the subscription option allows you to pay for your SMS usage in arrears with debit order and the pre-paid option allows you to purchase SMS credits as and when you need them (much like you would buy airtime for your pre-paid mobile device). SMS credits never expire.

We will most probably beat any written quotation. Contact us for special rates.

Price Plan Subscription Pre-paid
Once-Off Purchase Cost N/A N/A
Monthly Subscription Fee R 50 N/A
Recharge Fee N/A R20 per 1000 SMS Credits purchased. Maximum R50 recharge fee for purchases of more than 2500 SMS credits.
Local SMS Cost (per SMS) Between 1 and 1000: 33c
1001 to 5000: 29c
5001 to 100 000: 25c
100 000+: 22c
Between 1 and 1000: 33c
1001 to 5000: 29c
5001 to 100 000: 25c
100 000+: 22c
Includes AmiCell® SMS Direct User Login(s). Additional user logins provided on request at no extra cost. AmiCell® SMS Direct User Login(s). Additional user logins provided on request at no extra cost.
Technical support and all future updates. Technical support and all future updates.
Terms 30 day termination notice without penalty. SMS usage billing and monthly subscription fee in arrears. No termination notice. SMS credits are paid upfront. SMS Credits never expire and you do not forfeit your remaining SMS bundle when purchasing another.
All prices exclude VAT. The SMS Costs depicted are guidelines according to your usage. For larger volumes, special tariffs can be negotiated.


Complete an AmiCell® SMS Direct Service Agreement form to sign-up for world-class SMS technology. An AmiCell® SMS consultant will respond to verify your product choice.

Online Version

Complete and submit the Subscription Agreement form online.

PDF Version

Complete and send to or +27 86 673 3337.

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