Email to SMS can be used for SMS sending from any email program or for SMS integration from a 3rd party system able to generate an email.

AmiCell® SMS hosts a secure Email to SMS service that allows you to send an email in a specific format to the AmiCell® SMS Access Point's dedicated email address which in turn sends out SMS messages as specified in your email.

Emails may be sent from a 3rd party source without human intervention or submitted manually by a user. Once an Email to SMS request is received and all security information verifies, the AmiCell® SMS Access Point will reply with a security response either via SMS or return Email (if manually submitted). By responding to the security response the SMS requests will be authorized automatically.

AmiCell® SMS will send automated SMS reports on a daily basis to the Email to SMS user. The reports will include Delivery, Errors, Replies and Invalid Numbers in a spreadsheet format.

Email to SMS is ideal for clients requiring the following:

No installation and no learning curve. Send SMS messages with a simple email.
No upkeep of an address book. Simply send to the numbers stored in a spreadsheet.
High-speed, bulk or single SMS sending and delivery.
Integrate your systems with two-way SMS functionality.


Bulk and Single SMS sending.
Integrate 3rd party applications using various methods (see Technical).
Recipients can reply to SMS messages.
Extensive reports including sent messages, received messages and errors.
Security response verification via email or SMS (if required).

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Email to SMS is designed to function on any email program from any email address. However, certain requirements must be met to ensure full functionality:

An Email Address
An Email Program (for Manual Sending) OR a 3rd Party System Capable of Outputting Email (for Integration)
An Internet Connection

NOTE A constant Internet connection is not required but recommended when using Email to SMS for integration from 3rd party systems.

Email Formats:

Email Body: The contact number and SMS text is sent in the email body. Single SMS sending only.
Spreadsheet Attachment: Spreadsheet attachment containing multiple SMS messages and contact numbers. For Bulk SMS sending.
Text File Attachment: Text file attachment containing one SMS message and multiple contact numbers. For Bulk SMS sending.


Sign-Up Forms

Sign-Up forms are available in a printable version and an online version. Complete and send/submit to sign-up for world-class SMS technology.

Email to SMS Service Agreement[Online][PDF]


Includes features and pricing.

Email to SMS Brochure[Download]


Choose a payment option that suits your needs: the subscription option allows you to pay for your SMS usage in arrears with debit order and the pre-paid option allows you to purchase SMS credits as and when you need them (much like you would buy airtime for your pre-paid mobile device). SMS credits never expire.

We will most probably beat any written quotation. Contact us for special rates.

Price Plan Subscription Pre-paid
Once-Off Purchase Cost N/A N/A
Monthly Subscription Fee R 50 N/A
Recharge Fee N/A R20 per 1000 SMS Credits purchased. Maximum R50 recharge fee for purchases of more than 2500 SMS credits.
Local SMS Cost (per SMS) Between 1 and 1000: 33c
1001 to 5000: 29c
5001 to 100 000: 25c
100 000+: 22c
Between 1 and 1000: 33c
1001 to 5000: 29c
5001 to 100 000: 25c
100 000+: 22c
Includes Email to SMS access from 1 or more authorised email addresses or a domain. Additional Email to SMS users authorised on request at no extra cost.
Terms 30 day termination notice without penalty. SMS usage billing and monthly subscription fee in arrears. No termination notice. SMS credits are paid upfront. SMS Credits never expire and you do not forfeit your remaining SMS bundle when purchasing another.
All prices exclude VAT. The SMS Costs depicted are guidelines according to your usage. For larger volumes, special tariffs can be negotiated.


Complete an Email to SMS Service Agreement form to sign-up for world-class SMS technology. An AmiCell® SMS consultant will respond to verify your product choice.

Online Version

Complete and submit the Subscription Agreement form online.

PDF Version

Complete and send to or +27 86 673 3337.

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