Premium SMS is based on an inbound SMS sent to a short, 5-digit number. SMS entries generate an income as SMS cost to sender is charged at a premium rate (from R1 up to R30). In response to an inbound SMS a number of optional functions can be performed automatically including a return SMS, data retrieval from a spreadsheet or integrated system (which is then sent back to the requester), a remote database update and a response email with an attachment.

All SMS entry reports are sent to your email address on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and you may choose to receive them via email as they come in. Entries can also be tracked with the AmiCell® SMS Direct website.

The first month’s payout occurs after 90 days, thereafter monthly. In the first week of the 4th month you will receive a statement with the amount payable to which you respond with an invoice and your banking details. Prompt payment is then made by AmiCell® SMS.

Premium SMS is ideal for clients requiring the following:

Genearte a profit share from incoming SMS messages charged at a fixed premium rate.
Accumulate a valuable client contact database for future SMS communication.
An optional automatic reply SMS is sent back to the sender's device at no cost to you.
Powerful integration capabilities used to update 3rd party systems and to send unique replies.


Receive SMS messages to a short, easy-to-remember number.
Integrate 3rd party applications using various methods and send an optional reply message accordingly (see Technical).
Optional automatic reply sent back to device.
Receive reports via email on SMS messages received in real-time, daily, weekly or monthly.
See and manage SMS entries online using AmiCell® SMS Direct at no additional cost.
Manage your Premium SMS campaign online using AmiCell® SMS Direct at no additional cost.
Receive SMS messages with additional text for more intricate Premium SMS campaigns.
Users can SMS in a keyword or any other text like numbers, codes and sentences.
Users can request data via SMS. Upon receipt of an SMS entry a spreadsheet residing on the AmiCell® SMS Access Point can be scanned for specific data which is sent back to the SMS sender.
Upon receipt of an SMS entry containing an email address an email response (with an attachment) can be sent.

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A Premium SMS can be sent from any mobile device. In response to an incoming SMS an optional reply can be sent. The Premium SMS service also caters for integration requirements.


Premium SMS entries can be integrated with a 3rd party system using URL posts. When an SMS entry is received on the AmiCell® SMS Access Point a script residing on your server may be called. This script determines the action performed when an entry is received. An XML response sent back to the AmiCell® SMS Access Point determines the automatic reply message sent back to the SMS sender. Contact us for technical specifications.



Includes features and pricing.

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Sign-Up Forms

Sign-Up forms are available in a printable version and an online version. Complete and send/submit to sign-up for world-class SMS technology.

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Revenue Indicator

Premium SMS revenue share is subject to a percentage payout of the price band according to the amount of entries per month and other varying factors. The Revenue Indicator shows what profit you can expect from your Premium SMS campaign. The Revenue Indicator is emailed on request.

Premium SMS Revenue Indicator[Request]


There are two Premium SMS options: a dedicated short code and a keyword on a shared, existing number. Both options work the same except that you can SMS any text to a short code and only a specific keyword to the keyword on a shared short code option. On a dedicated short code you can also choose to have many different keywords.

Dedicated Short Code Keyword Only
Once-Off Registration Cost R 2000 R 200
Monthly Hosting Fee (paid in advance) R 750
(minimum 3 months)
R 300
(minimum 1 month)
NOTE Enabling the Automatic Response message option deducts 22c per SMS from Customer Revenue (request the Revenue Indicator).

All prices exclude VAT.


Complete a Premium SMS Service Agreement form to sign-up for world-class SMS technology. An AmiCell<sup>&reg;</sup> SMS consultant will respond to verify your product choice.

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